Mobile Column Lifts from Stertil-Koni are indeed mobile -- delivering maximum flexibility, productivity and safety in heavy duty lifting.


Engineered to address virtually all lifting needs, Stertil-Koni Mobile Columns can lift from 16,500 lbs. to 40,000 lbs. per column (depending on the model) and deliver the following unparalleled benefits: 


  • Reliable hydraulic technology for smooth, efficient operation with low maintenance

  • 12" and 14" standard fork length

  • High quality, high tensile DOMEX steel for maximum strength

  • Unique synchronization which starts at a height difference of just 9/16th of an inch

  • Mechanical locking system that starts at 5 inches and continues up the entire height of the lift every 1 3/8th of an inch

  • Fast lifting and adjustable lowering speed

  • Models available: Wireless, Battery Cabled and 3-phase powered


Options: Light kit, reducer sleeves, remote pendant, Low profile cross beam, automobile and truck adapters and forklift adapter kit

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**Mobile lifts are available for purchase OR rent**

Are mobile columns the right fit for my shop?


Mobile columns alleviate a lot of common problems that come with in-ground and two post lifts.

    A set of four mobile columns start out at a lifting capacity of 66,000lbs and can go all the way up to 160,000lbs of lifting force. There isn't a two-post lift on the market that can get to even a fraction of the lifting power mobile columns provide, and the largest capacity two-posts are equally large as they are cumbersome, requiring very high ceilings and large amounts of working space in between work bays. Not to mention they can’t be moved, at least not easily. If you have a smaller shop, mobile columns can be stored between bays, but if you’re particularly tight they can be moved to a corner or outside for storage with optional covers. If you have relatively level concrete outside of your facility you can even use the lifts outside of your shop. The flexibility of mobile lifts is vastly superior to any other style lift.


   The closest 2nd option is in-ground lifts, as they can compete with the lifting capacities of a set of mobile columns. If you’re building a brand new shop from the ground up, in-ground lifts are an excellent and practical option to explore. Check out Stertil Koni’s line of in-ground lifts here.  But if you’re not building a new shop, and having a working bay or several working bays down for weeks isn’t financially viable, mobile columns may be worth investing in. This is most often assumed by shops that have had in-ground lifts for many years and believe that another in-ground lift is their only option. And the cost for removal of the old lift, reworking and repouring the pit and the purchase and installation of the new in-ground lifts adds up very quickly, not including the long shop downtime to complete. Most shops aren’t aware that they can remove the major components of their old in-ground, fill the pit with concrete, have a set of mobiles dropped off and be back in business in a very short amount of time. We’ll lump drive-on lifts in this category, but most shops only have one drive on lift because of their very large footprint. They are a great lift to have in a large shop, but are not popular as a lift for every bay.


Resale value

   Probably a term not normally associated with vehicle lifts. Let’s face it, everything needs maintenance. There isn’t a vehicle brand on the market that’s immune to maintenance, and vehicle lifts are no different. If you have yearly inspections done, good on ya, proper maintenance of your lifts have been done and you’ll have many many years of trouble free operation. But if you don’t do yearly inspections (shame on you!), your maintenance could fall behind. We live by the saying, “A dollar spent on maintenance is a hundred dollars saved on down time”. But if you don’t have regular maintenance and your lifts begin to have issues, trading in your lifts may be your easiest and most affordable option. Now granted we sell Stertil Koni and are a little biased towards buying back our own mobiles, but only because they’re simple, reliable and easy to repair. But we’ll buy back almost any brand of mobile column with credit towards a brand new set ready to give you years of reliable service. This is a favorite among our many government accounts as they have a hard time getting permission to sell or auction off old equipment. This method streamlines the process of getting rid of old equipment while being approved to purchase new equipment, all the while saving money on tight government budgets.

   It’s hard to argue with mobile columns, and I’m sure you’ve seen them in a shop near you. There’s many more benefits to owning a set of mobiles and one of our knowledgeable sales staff members would be happy to discuss options, and help you achieve an easier, faster, more productive and profitable work environment for you and your staff.


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