ALI Lift Safety Inspections




The Automotive Lift Institute (ALI), lift manufacturers, insurance companies, and work place safety monitors recommend that all lifts are inspected at least annually to assure safety and proper maintenance.  ALI created and administers the rigorous Lift Safety Inspector Certification program in response to growing demand from businesses that use vehicle lifts, as well as the governmental health and safety organizations that monitor them.  Alan Tye & Associates' Gregg Parater, who has more than thirty years experience in the lift business, was among the first graduates of Certified Lift Inspector Program. Service technicians Larry Benson, Jason Bourdeaux, Luis Diaz, Donny Cottrill and Service Manager David Bradley have also been certified.

Our technicians are qualified to inspect any make or model of vehicle lift.  These ALI Safety Inspections will result in a 15-page report on the lift.  For more information on these inspections, please visit the ALI website, or contact us direct.


Failing to keep your lifts up to date on inspections can lead to an abundance of hazardous issues.  Below are examples of what occurs to a lift over time without proper maintenance or inspection. Ultimately, an annual ALI Lift Safety inspection will assure that your lifts are running in peak condition, while saving you time and money, and keeping your employees safe.